We’re no statistics experts, but we reckon that if you plotted the rise in the number of screens in the world — big ones, small ones, ones that fit in your hand — you’d see a simultaneous decrease in attention spans around the world. Now, if you’ve got something to say, you better say it in six seconds or less, and you better be eye-catching and cute and shareable. We’re talking infectiously, feverishly, call-the-authorities-we-think-there’s-an-outbreak shareable. And nothing is more shareable than the humble Gif.

The Graphics Interchange Format or Gif: an eight-bit, 256-colour, bitmap picture file that can composite a series of stills into an infinitely loopable, silent, moving image. They combine the decisiveness of a still photograph with the eye-catching appeal of animation. The original Gifs — from dancing babies, to ‘under construction’ signs, to early 2000s glitter graphics — were inherently shareable, democratic and fun. These little snatches of colour and movement say more in a few looped seconds than you could in a few pages. They share reactions, joy, horror, humour. They’re the film medium of the 21st century and they laid the groundwork for today’s compact, shareable media formats — from Vines, to Instagram videos, to dancing emojis.

It takes a new way of working to create truly effective images in today’s fast-moving, can’t-get-your-nose-out-of-your-phone media landscape, and it takes a special kind of artist to create images that rise above the clutter of cats, capybaras and guys getting hit in the nuts. And that’s what Gif Horse is here to do. We connect you directly with hand-picked, multi-talented image makers to concept, create and deliver killer short animations at the speed of the Internet.

But wait! There's more! We do more than just Gifs. We make short-form moving content that is useful in all kinds of places. You need a loading icon with charm? We’ve got you. You need something special for in-store? All over it. You need a social media campaign with cut-through? Girl, we were born ready. If it’s on a screen and it needs to grab attention, we’re here to make it work.

It’s a brand new way to commission and create, bridging the gap between animation and illustration. Gif Horse is powered by The Jacky Winter Group, one of the most experienced production teams in the business. Based in New York and Melbourne, Jacky Winter have produced everything from simple editorial illustrations to full-length animations. And if your small-screen project really takes off or becomes something bigger, we can hook you up with Flutter — Jacky Winter’s full-service animation production arm. Because, while the media landscape might be changing, the skills, talents and chutzpah it takes to make great ideas happen are timeless.

Animated UIcons by Ellen Porteus • Gif Horse Logo by Lachlan Conn

Gif Horse is a Jacky Winter Joint

Drop us a line at giddyup@jackywinter.com

In the States, our offices are in New York, and you can reach us at +1 646 797 2761

In Australia, we are in Melbourne, and you can reach us at +61 3 8060 9745

In Europe, we are a phone booth in the middle of the desert, and you can try to call us at +44 20 8144 9874 if you dare.

If you are a Gif artist looking to submit your work for potential representation, please email us at submissions@jackywinter.com with the subject line: Gif Horse Artist Submission, and a link to your online portfolio.